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1.Global monitoring of antimicrobial resistance basedon metagenomics analyses of urban sewage

Journal : Nature Communication

Impact factor : 12.353

2. Therapeutic Cationic Antimicrobial Peptide (CAP) Derived from Fish Aspartic Proteinase Cathepsin D and its Antimicrobial Mechanism 

Journal : International Journal of Peptide Research & Therapeutics

Impact factor : 1.132

3. Repeated dose toxicity evaluation of a cold chain-free, live, attenuated oral cholera vaccine in Sprague Dawley rats

Journal : Vaccine

Impact Factor : 3.285

4. MobiSeq: De novo SNP discovery in model and non-model species through sequencing the flanking region of transposable elements

Journal : Molecular Ecology Resources

Impact Factor : 7.059

5. Genomic and metagenomic signatures of giant viruses are ubiquitous in water samples from sewage, inland lake, waste water treatment plant, and municipal water supply in Mumbai, India

Journal : Scientific Reports

Impact Factor : 4.122

6. Comparative genomics sheds light on niche differentiation and the evolutionary history of comammox Nitrospira

Journal : Isme Journal

Impact Factor : 9.52

7. Improved de novo genomic assembly for the domestic donkey

Journal : Science Advances

Impact Factor : 11.511

8. Protective role of the vulture facial skin and gut microbiomes aid adaptation to scavenging

Journal : Acta Vaterinaria Scandinavica

Impact Factor : 1.497

9. Interspecific Gene Flow Shaped the Evolution of the Genus Canis

Journal : Current Biology

Impact Factor : 9.251

10. Antibodies to Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1-Binding Plasmodium falciparum Erythrocyte Membrane Protein 1-DBL beta Are Biomarkers of Protective Immunity to Malaria in a Cohort of Young Children from Papua New Guinea

Journal : Infection And Immunity

Impact Factor : 3.256

11. “Out of the Can”: A Draft Genome Assembly, Liver Transcriptome, and Nutrigenomics of the European Sardine, Sardina pilchardus

Journal : Genes

Impact Factor : 3.191

12. Improved ontology for eukaryotic single-exon coding sequences in biological databases

Journal : The Journal of Biological Databases and Curation

Impact Factor : 3.978

13. Population genomics of grey wolves and wolf-like canids in North America

Journal : Plos Genetics

Impact Factor : 5.54

14. Highly deleterious variations in COX1, CYTB, SCG5, FK2, PRL and PGF genes are the potential adaptation of the immigrated African ostrich population

Journal : Computers in Biology and Medicine

Impact Factor : 2.115

15. The first draft reference genome of the American mink (Neovison vison)

Journal : Scientifics Reports

Impact Factor : 4.122

16. NetSurfP-2.0: Improved prediction of protein structural features by integrated deep learning

Journal : Protein: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics

Impact Factor : 2.274

17. The whole genome sequence and mRNA transcriptome of the tropical cyclopoid copepod Apocyclops royi

Journal : G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics

Impact Factor : 2.742

18. Comparative analyses identify genomic features potentially involved in the evolution of birds-of-paradise

Journal : GigaScience

Impact Factor : 7.267

19. Deciduous DPSCs ameliorate MPTP-mediated neurotoxicity, sensorimotor coordination and olfactory function in Parkinsonian mice

Journal : International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Impact Factor : 3.687

20. First Report of Bacillus pumilus Causing Trunk Bulges of Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis) in Malaysia

Journal : Plant Disease

Impact Factor : 2.941

21. Insights into microbial community structure and diversity in oil palm waste compost

Journal : Springer Link 

Impact Factor : 

22. Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a live, oral cholera vaccine formulation stored
outside-the-cold-chain for 140 days

Journal : BMC Immunology

Impact Factor : 

23. Contaminating viral sequences in high-throughput sequencing viromics: a linkage study of 700
sequencing libraries

Impact Factor : 

24. Genomes of Pleistocene Siberian Wolves Uncover Multiple Extinct Wolf Lineages

Journal : Current Biology

Impact Factor : 

25. Evolutionary History, Genomic Adaptation to Toxic Diet, and Extinction of the Carolina Parakeet

Journal : Current Biology

Impact Factor : 

26. The genome and mRNA transcriptome of the cosmopolitan calanoid copepod acartia tonsa dana
improve the understanding of copepod genome size evolution

Impact Factor : 

27. SinEx DB 2.0 update 2020: Database for eukaryotic single-exon coding sequences

Journal : Database

Impact Factor : 

28. A draft genome sequence of the elusive giant squid, Architeuthis dux

Journal : GigaScience

Impact Factor : 

29. The microbial composition of dried fish prepared according to Greenlandic Inuit traditions and
industrial counterparts


Impact Factor : 

30. Analysis of Selection Methods to Develop Novel Phage Therapy Cocktails Against Antimicrobial
Resistant Clinical Isolates of Bacteria

Impact Factor : 

31. Chitinophaga extrema sp. Nov., isolated from subsurface soil and leaf litter in a tropical peat swamp

Impact Factor : 

32. Narwhal Genome Reveals Long-Term Low Genetic Diversity despite Current Large Abundance Size

Journal : iScience

Impact Factor : 

33. High-Throughput Sequencing-Based Investigation of Viruses in Human Cancers by Multienrichment Approach

Impact Factor : 

34. Author Correction: Dense sampling of bird diversity increases power of comparative genomics
(Nature, (2020), 587, 7833, (252-257), 10.1038/s41586-020-2873-9)

Journal : Nature

Impact Factor : 

35. Dense sampling of bird diversity increases power of comparative genomics

Journal : Nature

Impact Factor : 

36. Rapid electrochemical detection of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Impact Factor : 

37. Palaeogenomic insights into the origins of French grapevine diversity

Journal : Nature Plants

Impact Factor : 

38. An improved direct metamobilome approach increases the detection of larger-sized circular elements across kingdoms

Journal : Plasmid

Impact Factor : 

39. Connecting moss lipid droplets to patchoulol biosynthesis

Journal : PLoS ONE

Impact Factor : 

40. Microbiota in foods from Inuit traditional hunting

Journal : PLoS ONE

Impact Factor : 

41. Genomic analyses reveal an absence of contemporary introgressive admixture between fin whales
and blue whales, despite known hybrids

Journal : PLoS ONE

Impact Factor : 

42. The evolutionary history of extinct and living lions

Impact Factor : 

43. Gut microbiota metagenomics in aquaculture: factors influencing gut microbiome and its physiological role in fish

Impact Factor : 

44. Arctic-adapted dogs emerged at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition

Journal : Science

Impact Factor : 

45. Complete genome sequence of Sphingomonas paucimobilis AIMST S2, a xenobiotic-degrading

Journal : Scientific Data

Impact Factor : 

46. Setting a baseline for global urban virome surveillance in sewage

Impact Factor : 

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